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DVD - Knit Your Own Sweater


Learn to knit Iceland's favorite sweater. the Lopapeysa ( The Icelandic name for hand knitted sweater) has become a well-known symbol for the Icelandic knitting tradition. Today the Icelandic sweater is very popular among Icelanders of all ages and even has become a fashionable item in Reykjavik.

Ragnheidur Eiriksdottir (Ragga) takes you through the knitting of three different Lopapeysas in this DVD. You will learn the traditional teqniques along with Ragga's modern twists, from casting on to steeking.

The DVD also includes a documentary about the makin of Lopi (Icelandic wool yarn), from the sheep to the knitters needles.


Publisher: Knitting Iceland
Intructor/Designer: Ragnheidur Eiriksdottir
Language selection English and Icelandic
Running time: 82 minutes
Format: DVD PAL (Europe)
Realease date: December 10th 2010

The Making of Lopi
Great Grandma's house
Odinn: Mens Sweater
Freyja Ladies Cardigan
Children's top-down cardigan

Techniques covered:
German twisted cast on
Long tail cast on - knit
Long tail cast on - purl
Different types of cast on in ribbing
Connecting in the round
Different types of ribbing
Twisted knit stitches in ribbing
Elongated knit stitches in ribbing
Invisible increases in ribbing
Stranded knitting
Control the dominating color
Working with three colors
Set the underarm stitches aside
the sleeve explained
Symmetrical sleeve increases
Combine sleeves and body
Yoke pattern construction
Reading the pattern chart
Knit the yoke pattern
Different knitting styles
Decreases in yoke pattern
Loose cast of at neckline
Suspended cast off
Tubular cast off
Weave in the ends
Graft the underarm/Kitchener stitch
Short row shaping
Waist shaping
Crochet the edge
Double pointed needles in the round
Yoke Pattern from the top
Yoke increases
Set the sleeve stitches aside
Knit the sleeves (magic loop method)
Wash the Lopi sweater

Our Price: U.S. $47.90


DVD - Knit Your Own Sweater

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