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Norwegian Wool Sweaters

High quality wool sweaters and wool accessories made with the traditional Norwegian Pattern for Men and Women. Pullovers and cardigan sweaters,wool hats and mittens .
Norwegian Wool Sweaters for Men
Norwegian Wool Sweaters for Men

Norwegian Sweaters for Men

High quality products designed for the extreme weather conditions. Made from water repellent materials.
Norwegian Wool Sweaters for Women
Norwegian Wool Sweaters for Women

Norwegian Wool Sweaters for Women

High quality Norwegian Wool Sweaters for women. Traditional and modern design of Norwegian Patern.
Norwegian Wool Accessories
Norwegian Wool Accessories

Wool Accessories

High quality wool accessories made for the colder climate to keep you warm.

The Norwegian wool knitwear is famous for its colorful patten and design. The sweaters are knitted from 100% merino wool and usually comes in three sizes, S, M, L. There is a size chart with all sweaters so that you can buy online the sweater that fits. The Norwegian wool sweaters, the Norwegian wool pullovers and Norwegian wool cardigans as well as the Norwegian wool accessories have a long tradition and are very popular in Norway.